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Cafe & bakery OH!BREMEN is inspired from the Grimm Brothers' fairy tale, Town Musicians of Bremen. The space is filled with a peculiar vibe juxtaposed with various elements borrowed from the fairy tale—sounds of animals articulated into graphic motifs, donkey-footprint shaped bread, and a 3-meter artist made sculpture.

Located on the shore of Pohang’s Yeongildae beach, the sailing boat shaped four-storey architecture stuns you with its 6-meter-high ceilings and panoramic ocean views. OH!BREMEN’s iconic merry-go-round stimulates the nostalgia of childhood. Circular stairs surrounding the whole building suggest a long journey ahead. All these features make you feel like you are traveling to a new space.

Grid helped OH!BREMEN bring their vision to reality and give visitors series of little “!” wonders.

more info coming soon


Sang Mun
Doyeon Yang
Jaehyeong Yoo
Dasol Kim
Jungeun Shin
Seungah Lee

Yoojin Lee Hong
Doyeon Yang

Identity Design
Art Direction
Uniform Design
Interior Design
Signage & Environment
Printed Matter
Playlist Curation

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