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MUWA's brand is about the quiet confidence that comes from the rejuvenating serenity of the natural surroundings, a repose from the hustle and bustle of city life. The symbol itself evokes thought – each set of lines with variating spaces between them not unlike the lines between objects, nature, and humans but in harmony and designed to embody our experiential and emotional resonance.

The brand name MUWA is from the French word 'MOI [mwa]', which means 'me', ‘myself’, and it is written phonetically in English. The name is meant to convey that the place where one resides is personal, reflecting the individual’s uniqueness and character.

The Premium Lifestyle Division of Hanwha Solutions’ Insight Division has inherited Hanwha Group’s core competencies and operational knowledge in services, leisure, and urban development. Hanwha Solutions’ Insight Division is a developer of luxury lifestyle platforms with expertise in the residential and hospitality businesses.

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Hanwha Solutions

Sang Mun
Beencent Oh
Jungeun Shin
Doyeon Yang
Dasol Kim

Photography & 3D
Studio Dosi
Sungwoo Hong

Brand Strategy
Identity Design
Digital Experience
UX/UI Design
Art Direction
Signage & Environment
Printed Matter

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