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Enterprise Blockchain Co., ltd

Enterprise Blockchain Co., ltd (EBC) is a subsidiary of Hanwha Group. EBC’s mission is to assetize everyone's talents to connect more possibilities and create unprecedented value. EBC strives to find infinite possibilities to connect the value of gig workers and creators as a trusted asset, and to connect it with finance. EBC solves this problem by offering new blockchain network NFT CV—a blockchain-powered resume/portfolio that showcases one’s talents such as time, experiences, qualifications, skills and creative works. Grid helped EBC visualize their vision to reality.

Enterprise Blockchain Co., ltd

Team EBC
Junsup Lee, CEO
Jaeki Lee, Head of Creative & Communication

Team Grid
Sang Mun
Beencent Oh
Jungeun Shin
Identity Design
Art Direction
Signage & Environment
Printed Matter
Digital Experience

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